The Caliphate: Between Utopia and the Apocalypse.

  • 12 maggio 2017
  • 21:30
  • Chiesa San Francesco


The Islamic State – ISIS, Daesh, or whatever one chooses to call it – represents both a historic novelty and, at the same time, a return to the past. On the one hand it constitutes a kind of promised land for today’s jihadist Islam,  stirring up sympathies and galvanizing militants in a corner of the world that offers little else by means of appeal, with the aim of waging what is referred to as a holy war and establishing a place that fulfils a religious utopia; on the other, it is a source of extreme danger both locally and globally, posing a threat to the entire West and also to the Islamic world that does not identify with this view of religion and history. What is this phenomenon? What is its attraction? What are its limits and weaknesses?