From the Book of Exodus

  • 14 maggio 2017
  • 18:30
  • Oratorio del Cristo


In collaboration with Voci Fuoricampo

2015 marked the encroachment of foreign wars on Europe’s soil, witnessed by the veritable exodus of men, women and children, of whole families, forced to abandon their homes and flee to safety. The escape journey has seen at least a million people seek refuge in our continent in recent months. Unprepared, divided, torn apart by rampant self-interest, Europe has shown itself to be incapable of mounting a unified response to the emergency. Its reception policies have imploded.  The initial effects include the reappearance of barbed wire, the closure of land borders and the policy of sending people back. Ottani and Biagiarelli were keen to involve Cécile Kyenge, Paolo Rumiz, Michele Nardelli, Carlo Saletti and Ismail Fayad, whose personal insights as border-crossers promise to enrich the discussion. The images and words in this book testify to the human strength and dignity of those forced to flee. These “exiles” are conscious that they are exercising a primal right – the right to cross borders – and this is something that is both primordial and, at the same time, completely new.