Italy and Europe: A Double Utopia?


In collaboration with
LiMes and Groupo Historia
Sponsored by Amga

Our national unity has been fragile from its very beginnings and now, on top of these unresolved problems, new, far more complex ones have been added: on the one hand, uncontrollable and uncontrollable migratory flows risk undermining our own identity, on the other we have to deal with the partners of a European community already weakened by internal conflict and which now, under fire from a variety of external threats, is at risk of disintegrating altogether. Both the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean are convulsed by geopolitical earthquakes that require unified responses. In addition to Erdogan’s political blackmail over the refugee crisis and Russia’s newly trained sights on the West under Putin, there is Trump, under whose watch America is becoming increasingly disengaged from Europe – an approach in part driven by neo-mercantilist policies – all of which openly threaten the stability and security of the Old Continent. In such radically altered circumstances, Italy is at a crossroads. Aware that it represents the last bulwark between central and northern Europe and the chaos at its southern borders, Italy is obliged to pursue its own idea of ​​Europe and authoritatively redefine its position and role within it. However, are we up to the task? Will we be able to harness and transform this potential asset and make an invaluable contribution to the future of the Old Continent?