Vicino Lontano 2014 - Colore

History and mission

Vicino/Lontano is a not-for-profit cultural association founded in Udine, North-East Italy, in October 2004 by a group of private individuals with the aim of providing a public arena in which to explore and debate some of the key cultural, social, political and economic issues currently facing the world today. To this end, the Association organizes… View Article

VL chiusura

The festival

The Vicino/Lontano Festival has, since its very beginnings, been closely linked to the figure of the late journalist and writer Tiziano Terzani, to whose memory the Festival’s annual literary prize is dedicated. Held over four days in May, the Festival, which in 2016 will celebrate its 12th edition, encompasses a broad range of initiatives and… View Article


Terzani Prize

The Terzani Prize, which pays homage to the Florentine journalist and writer Tiziano Terzani, was established in 2004 by the Udine cultural association Vicino/Lontano in agreement and with the collaboration of Terzani’s wife, Angela, and their son and daughter, Folco and Saskia Terzani. At the first meeting of the Terzani Prize jury, on December 5,… View Article

Franklin Foer

Terzani Prize 2019

In a very accessible language, Foer warns us about the dangers of information manipulation, which threatens to change the face of democracy into an unknown form of authoritarianism. In the meantime, the traditional counterpower of a professionally and ethically responsible press – indispensable pillar of democracy – becomes increasingly weaker as it is rendered economically… View Article


Previous editions

Past recipients of The Terzani Prize François Bizot, The Gate – 2005; Jonathan Randal, Osama – 2006; Anna Politkovskaya – 2007 (awarded posthumously); Fabrizio Gatti, Bilal – 2008 (not published in English); Ahmed Rashid, Descent into Chaos – 2009; Umberto Ambrosoli, Qualunque Cosa Succede – 2010 (not published in English); Leslie T. Chang, Factory Girls… View Article

premio terzani

Tiziano Terzani

Born in Florence in 1938, Terzani lived in Asia for thirty years with his wife Angela and their children Folco and Saskia.  His work as correspondent for the German weekly Der Spiegel took him to  Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Bangkok and New Delhi, where he also worked as a journalist for the Italian newspapers… View Article