History and mission

History and mission

Vicino/Lontano is a not-for-profit cultural association founded in Udine, North-East Italy, in October 2004 by a group of private individuals with the aim of providing a public arena in which to explore and debate some of the key cultural, social, political and economic issues currently facing the world today. To this end, the Association organizes numerous events and cultural initiatives during the year, the highlight of which is the vicino/lontano Festival, held every May.

Over the years, the Association has earnt a solid reputation and won the support and collaboration of many important local and national organizations, including: the University of Udine.

The vicino/lontano project is jointly funded by the Regional Authority of Friuli Venezia GiuliaUdine City CouncilFondazione Friuli and some private sponsors.

Translation by Amanda Hunter

Publishing activities

The contributions of the scientific committee, together with those of some of the speakers who have participated at the annual May festival, are also presented in the book series Vicino/lontano published by Forum Editrice and edited by Marco Pacini in consultation with members of the Vicino/lontano Scientific Committee: Stefano Allievi, Giovanni Leghissa, Giangiorgio Pasqualotto, Pier Aldo Rovatti and Davide Zoletto.

Currently there are thirteen titles in the series with contributions from Carlo Galli, Renzo Guolo, Slavoj Zizek, Eugenio Lecaldano, Elmar Salmann, Giangiorgio Pasqualotto, Marco Cicala, Michael Singleton and Nadia Urbinati. In 2009, Vicino/lontano began publishing its own titles and has since published a number of catalogues to accompany exhibitions produced by the association.